Classic Office

The office furniture of the Classic collection are characterized by sinuous shapes and elegant decorative elements. Large solid wood desks, comfortable armchairs upholstered with real leather, bookcases of different sizes to accommodate documents and volumes. Precious details, such as carpets, classic style lamps and curtains, should not be missing to furnish the office with the timeless charm of classic furniture. A warm and refined atmosphere will welcome every customer, employee or guest as soon as they cross the threshold of the office. The elegance and sumptuousness of a solid wood desk is able to give an immediate sense of seriousness and reliability.

In an office furnished in classic style, no detail can be left to chance: careful planning will be required to ensure that the spaces are functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. Our furniture is spacious, sturdy and finely decorated, to give the office a welcoming and professional look.

We design classic custom-made offices: we will talk together about your needs and evaluate the best solution for you. Our interior designers are at your disposal to create a sumptuous and elegant classic office, where every single detail will be carefully customized according to your tastes and needs.

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