Classic Bedroom

The bedrooms furnished in classic style are sumptuous and elegant, full of precious golden details and decorative elements. Tradition is the protagonist and expresses all its charm in every single piece of furniture. The material of excellence is of course wood, solemn and warm, which characterizes each of our furniture giving it a solid but at the same time elegant look.

Every element, in the classic bedroom, must be in perfect harmony with the others so that the result is princely and precious. The bed will have a massive structure and a soft padded headboard, often quilted to resume the style of the French court of the eighteenth century. It should not miss a large solid wood closet. To give personality to the bedroom, you can play with the complements such as benches, sofas, armchairs and toiletry furniture, to complete with a regal touch the entire decor.

We can take care of every detail of your classic bedroom. Our interior designers are at your disposal to design spaces and furniture, so that everything is in harmony and functional to your needs and tastes, thanks to the possibility to customize every single element.

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