It was the 1960 when, in San Pietro di Morubio (VR), in the heart of the venetian plain, Guerra Vanni decided to establish his own company, immediately setting it on the luxury furniture sector. The passion, the will, and the hard work of the whole family have led, year after year, to the consolidation of a modern and dynamic company, which adapts and knows how to make the most of every change. Today, in fact, Guerra Vanni is a reference point in Italy and in the world thanks to its classic collection, synonymous with tradition and nobility, and to the contemporary, fresh, youthful, and daily collection. Choose Guerra Vanni because:

  • It is synonymous with Made in Italy. Guerra Vanni was born in an area, the one of Basso Veronese, which has always been known and appreciated for the artisan production of furniture. The team of Guerra Vanni has grown with the values ​​of manual skills and attention to detail handed down by grandparents and great-grandparents. This perfectly combines with the typical Made in Italy mentality, to guarantee quality and good taste. Immerse yourself in all the Italian details of each product present in the Guerra Vanni catalog.
  • Creates customized projects. The Guerra Vanni team is not only a craft, but also a designer. The starting point of every collaboration is always your dream: how did you imagine your room? How would it make you feel comfortable and at home? It’s from this information that a detailed map of the area is created, and a 3D project is born. In this way, you can touch the final result right away.
  • Sells all over the world. It’s not easy to meet the needs of those who live in Russia and those of the people of the United States. Yet, over the years, the Guerra Vanni team has specialized in the characteristics and needs of each country, effectively going to export its products all over the world. From America to Asia, passing through Africa and even Australia: Guerra Vanni is everywhere where craftsmanship, good taste and elegance are sought.
  • It is family, it is flexible. The family run of Guerra Vanni has always been a source of pride for the company: the passion and love in the projects also derives from the harmony of the team, which lives in close contact not only at work, but also (and above all) outside. And, as a small company, Guerra Vanni knows how to adapt quickly and profitably to any type of change; an indispensable requirement to always be on point and be competitive on the market.