Guerra Vanni since 1962

Thanks to the passion and the work of 3 generations, for sixty years Guerra Vanni has been the reference point in Italy and in the world of the luxury furniture sector. A goal that comes from the combination of the experience of the more adult generation, linked to classic furniture, and the liveliness of the younger one, which offers a contemporary style.

Today, Guerra Vanni can satisfy any type of taste and need. From the villa to the restaurant, passing through embassies and ateliers: the furnishings of Guerra Vanni find application in many contexts, thanks to a wide range of choices and the possibility of maximum customization. This derives from a 360 ° internal production: everything starts with the design and becomes reality thanks to the construction of the raw furniture, the polishing, and the packaging. A single partner for each step, to make your room the place you always wanted.

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