Contemporary style includes an exclusive collection, which focuses on the marriage between craftsmanship research and innovation. The final effect? A design with a unique style, whom will be able to capture attention as in private environments, as in environments open to the public.

This contemporary collection of Guerra Vanni was created for all those who wish to give their rooms – homes, cafe, ateliers and anything else – a minimal but fascinating style. Exactly what modernity demands.

The contemporary furniture by Guerra Vanni are specially designed for all those spaces that blend well with an “art dèco” concept: the frills of the classic style give way to essential lines; the shapes are geometric, simple; the style is clean and allows you to play with the shades to produce beautiful chiaroscuro effect.

Discover all the modern furniture from the Oscar collection by Guerra Vanni: entrance, living area, bedroom and office will be gently touched by the essentiality and simplicity, making the room dynamic and spacious. Thanks to the “Interior designer worldwide” service, you can get a personalized project on your spaces: Guerra Vanni’s collaborators, from all over the world, will offer you the best suggestions for finding your daily well-being oasis in furnishings.

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