Contemporary Bedroom

The sleeping area is the most intimate and reserved part of the house, the one where you have to feel comfortable and perfectly relaxed. A contemporary bedroom has a simple and essential soul, it consists of a few elements that leave room for the actions of everyday life but at the same time there is nothing missing to live your time in the bedroom in total harmony.

The beds in the Oscar collection have character and personality, they catch the eye as soon as you enter the room thanks to their sumptuous and spacious headboards. Alongside so much originality, we have simple and slender bedside tables with sinuous and curved lines that surprise, and light colors to give brightness to the entire decor. The contrast of shapes is completed by the closet, more massive and robust than the other pieces of furniture in the collection because it has a purely restraining role and must therefore respond to precise requirements. To complete the modern bedroom, there will be mirrors, lighting, armchairs and any complement that will help you feel completely serene in your oasis of relaxation.

Contact our team of interior designers for advice and suggestions on how to design your ideal contemporary bedroom. We can create a completely customized project to meet your tastes and needs.

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