Classic Dining

A classic dining room has a charm that conquers everyone at first glance. Whoever enters will feel enveloped by a magical and timeless atmosphere, as if he or she had made a leap into the aristocratic villas of the nineteenth century. To furnish it, our furniture from the classic collection is ideal because it has sinuous and enveloping lines, a solid wood structure, precious decorations and details finished with extreme care.

In the collection for the classic dining room we have wooden chairs with soft padding in different patterns, with or without armrests. Of course there are tables of every shape and size, with precious decorations on the surface or simple in their essentiality, to admire every grain of the wood with which they are made. Finally, the collection of cabinets and showcases with which to make the dining room a very special place: these have not only an aesthetic function but also a functional one, because they are large and allow you to hold dishes, cups and glasses.

If you want a consultation to design your classic dining room, contact our interior designers. They will be able to suggest the products that best suit your tastes and needs.

Tutti i prodotti dello stile classico