Modern elegant bedroom: 5 essential elements

If you have decided to furnish a bedroom in a modern style, there are some essential elements you need to use. The shapes should be simple, linear and essential so as to have a final effect that is elegant, fine and sober. The choice of a modern bedroom can be suitable for any space, small or large. In fact, there are many space-saving solutions such as storage beds or ceiling-high closets that allow you to get a lot of space even in small rooms.

Unfortunately, since the colors are neutral and the lines are simple, the risk is that the bedroom will be banal and unoriginal. To avoid this effect, you can focus on some elements that give personality to the room and give it a special accent. Here are 5 things you should not forget when decorating a modern bedroom.

Best modern beds

Obviously, the star of the room is the bed. The first thing to do is to choose a double bed that is no-frills, with a simple shape. If you want to bring something special in your contemporary bedroom, you can opt for a decorative headboard, perhaps quilted, which gives a special touch to the bedroom. Upholstered headboards, in addition to being very beautiful, are also comfortable!

A dressing table and a pouffe

Often people associate the toilet with a classic bedroom: in reality, there are very modern dressing tables and pouffs, which allow you to create a relaxing corner within the room, where you can take care of yourself. Dressing tables have original and slender shapes while poufs have simple shapes and precious details. You can place them near the window to enjoy the natural light while getting ready. Reminiscent of the aristocratic rooms of yesteryear, they will give a refined touch.

Decorative mirror

No bedroom should be without a mirror: it’s essential when getting ready in the morning and when you want to tidy up before going out. In a modern and elegant bedroom, the mirror will have to be very showy and large: you can place it above the dresser or above one of the two bedside tables. There are mirrors of all sizes and shapes: round, oval, rectangular, perhaps with some colored elements to add character to the room.

The right lighting

In all rooms, lighting plays a key role. It can make the environment much more welcoming or, on the contrary, cold and unintimate. In a modern bedroom, lighting should be soft and gentle, never excessive. However, consider that in the bedroom you do many different things: in the morning you choose your outfit for the day, in the evening you read to relax. You can choose versatile solutions, which adapt to every moment of the day. You’ll definitely need two abat-jours (not necessarily the same) and maybe a floor lamp.

The importance of textiles

Finally, there are textiles that can help us make a modern bedroom very elegant. As for the colors, you’ll obviously need to be faithful to the palette you chose for the rest of the room. The patterns can be the most diverse: from floral to geometric ones, passing through abstract decorations, the important thing is that everything is homogeneous. Choose curtains, pillows and blankets following these guidelines and you’ll give a special touch to your modern bedroom.

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