Best Modern Tables: find out how to make every dinner special!

The table is the king of the dining room: large and spacious, it will define the atmosphere of the entire room. In fact, this furnishing accessory contributes firmly to creating a convivial and harmonious environment, perfect for lunches and dinners in company of friends or relatives.

We can say that choosing the right dining table is equivalent to defining the focal element of the dining room, on which the choice of all the other furniture will depend.

What must be remembered when choosing a table?

When defining the dining room furniture, it is important to remember that the table must not only meet defined aesthetic canons, but must also comply with additional requirements, ranging from the type of material to the size.


When choosing a table, remember that it should not only be pleasant to the eye, but also comfortable and functional. First, it is important to think carefully about how many people will have to sit at the table: you must bear in mind the members of the family and a minimum number of possible guests, considering the right space to allow them to eat and move around easily. The height of the legs must be such that diners can comfortably tuck in their legs, while also allowing ladies the possibility of crossing them. If you need a lot of space because you like to receive a lot of guests or are part of a very large family, for example, the Cadillac modern style table could be the right solution: its large size allows you to add a lot of chairs, thus comfortably accommodating all the guests at the meal.

best modern tables


There are two main factors that influence the choice of table shape: firstly, the availability of space in the dining room, and secondly, the number of seats that will be added to the table.

The most common shape is, undoubtedly, the rectangular one: it allows a greater number of seats, occupying a relatively small space. In addition, the space between diners remains larger and more comfortable. On the other hand, you will have to establish a hierarchy among the guests, as it will be necessary to determine who will occupy the “head of the table”. The Sunset table by Guerra Vanni, for example, can accommodate up to ten diners, it will enchant them with its light marble surface, contrasted by dark wenge legs. The golden finishing, finally, illuminates the room, giving it a minimalist yet elegant touch.


If, conversely, you have a spacious and bright room and you are looking for an atmosphere that recreates informality and confidence, you should shift your attention to a round table. Geometric, modern and with clean lines, this shape shortens distances, bringing guests closer and encouraging them to interact with each other. In addition, this seating arrangement eliminates the question of hierarchy. Unfortunately, in relation to the amount of seating available, this table is much bulkier than the rectangular table. In the picture below, you can see how the seats around the Dioniso table are small and close together – the atmosphere immediately recalls pleasant family evenings.


Finally, to obviate the doubts due to clutter, space and hierarchies, you can consider a compromise: the oval table, in fact, allows to comfortably accommodate many diners while occupying a small space. Its design, moreover, is perfectly in line with modern aesthetic canons: as can be seen in the Frida table, the light colours and its soft, defined and minimal lines fits perfectly the contemporary taste.

best modern tables


The materials of which the table is made have a great influence on the style of the dining room. Marble tables are robust, elegant and well suited to a modern and contemporary style, resulting aesthetically very attractive. Wood, on the other hand, is a more delicate material but has a great effect in the centre of the room: selected in light shades such as oak, it illuminates and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room.


Choosing the perfect dining room table requires attention and care. In this way, however, you will be able to create a convivial and welcoming environment, ideal for putting your guests at ease. Guerra Vanni’s wide selection of modern tables allows you to choose from a wide range of options, allowing you to find the one that perfectly suits your taste and needs.

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