How to furnish a modern living room

Furnishing a modern living room requires care and attention to detail because everything must be in perfect harmony. The living room is the place where you gather with your family, relax and welcome friends who come to visit. For this reason it must be cozy but also well organized, so as to make the evenings even more pleasant. The modern style in the living room has some very precise characteristics: everything must be linear, minimalist and essential, with clear shapes and sober colors.

Here are some tips for furnishing a modern living room without mistakes.

How to choose furniture and colors for the modern living room

How to choose colors for the modern living room? There is no universal rule but the best thing is to opt for soft and delicate colors for furniture, complements, walls and accessories: this will allow us to get a very bright and airy environment, with a cozy, sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to give a more vivid touch, you can choose a contrasting color for some details but you should always stay within the chosen palette.

When choosing furniture, the first thing to do is to organize the space well and divide it into zones. Massive and imposing furniture should be avoided because it would give the feeling of an oppressive environment: everything modern is light, slim, essential. Furniture for a modern living room should not be too bulky but have simple lines.

The sofa in a modern living room

The sofa will be the real protagonist of the modern living room. There are many models so finding the right one will not be difficult. The first thing to decide concerns the shape: the linear sofa is suitable for smaller rooms and is the most classic and traditional choice, simple and not bulky; the corner sofa instead allows you to create an intimate relaxing area and, if placed in the center of the room, helps to divide the different areas.

The choice of material also requires a lot of attention. Fabric sofas are synonymous with practicality and versatility, they fit well in any environment, they resist stains and water. If, on the other hand, you want a more refined solution, a leather sofa is perfect: remember, however, that it requires a lot of care so avoid it if you have pets that could ruin it. The sofa with feet gives a feeling of lightness that is well suited to a modern living room.

Shelves, bookcases and tv stands

The use of shelves and bookcases is a great way to give personality to the modern living room. As well as a place to store books, they can in fact become a furnishing element if used to keep design objects, family mementos and souvenirs. Moreover, thanks to the most modern solutions, there are bookcases which alternate open elements with doors and drawers, to make the modern living room even more original.

Finally, an element which cannot be missing in the modern living room is the TV stand: the wall dedicated to the TV can be minimal, with a small, simple and space-saving TV stand, or more articulated if it also contains shelves and bookcases.

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