Modern Living Room: find inspiration on how to furnish your space!

To furnish a modern living room you need furniture with simple and essential lines, sober colors and minimalism. Here are all our tips.

Furnishing a modern living room is not easy. You need the right amount of originality to avoid a trivial result without personality: since the colors are neutral and sober, the lines are simple and essential, it is easy to get an aseptic and boring effect. In this article we will give you our advice and photographic ideas for furnishing a living room in modern style: from the choice of colors for the furniture and accessories to the perfect arrangement of the pieces, we will discover how to make your living room beautiful and functional.

Colors in a modern living room

The first thing to consider is the choice of colors, which are a fundamental part of the decor. The colors that dominate in the modern style tend to be neutral and sober colors such as white, taupe, grey and in some cases black, if you want to give more personality to the environment. These are just the shades to start from but, to avoid a sad and lifeless effect, it is essential to add a few touches of color.

You can opt for your favorite shades, even the most vibrant and sparkling: red, yellow, blue or green are all suitable colors to be included in a modern living room but without exaggerating. Use them for accessories, textiles and complements and you will get the right balance. If you want to be inspired by the latest trends, Pantone for 2021 proposes the combination of grey and yellow as the color of the year.

The essential furniture

And now we come to the furniture that can not miss in a modern living room.

Of course, in the first place there is the sofa. He will be the protagonist of the room and should be first of all comfortable and cozy. What about the style? You can choose both more slender models, with feet, to give an airy and light effect, but even more compact sofas, which rest completely on the ground and are characterized by maximum comfort. If you have enough space, a corner sofa can be a great solution, as well as modular sofas: the fact that you can choose piece by piece solves many space problems and offers the possibility to create original compositions.

Next to the sofa, it would be perfect to place one or two armchairs, especially if you love to receive guests and if you live your living room as a convivial room. Obviously, the style and colors should be in harmony with those of the sofa.

Your modern living room should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical in everyday life. That’s why another fundamental piece of furniture is the coffee table, which can be placed in front of the sofa or to the side, depending on the space available. You can choose either a low table, with a glass top to be more elegant, or a high one. It will be very useful for placing small objects but also ornaments to give character to the room.

Finally, the TV cabinet. Choose one preferably with doors, so you can store everything inside and leave the surfaces free. TV cabinets with a panel behind are very scenic: choose it if you want to make this furniture the attraction of the modern living room.


The Clizia collection for a modern living room

Guerra Vanni has developed the new Clizia collection to furnish the modern living room. The collection includes all the essential furnishings: sofas, TV furniture, armchairs, low and high tables, but also bookcases and display cases, mirrors and accessories to make the environment more welcoming. Like all our furniture, every detail is taken care of and the handmade workmanship in Italy ensures high quality. Colors, shapes and materials: the choice is vast and complete, to offer everyone their own ideal furniture solution.

If you want to receive our advice on how to furnish a modern living room, contact us!