Best Modern Beds: be inspired by the selection of some of the best

Modern beds have great charm and can become the real centrepiece of your room.

How to choose the one that best suits your needs? What are the latest trends? And what are the colours? In this article we have collected a selection of the best modern beds from which you can be inspired.

The characteristics of modern beds

As all contemporary furniture, modern beds are also characterized by some common features.

They are usually furniture with clean and clear lines, essential and minimalist, without frills but at the same time precious and characterized by accurate details. The shapes are mostly square and symmetrical, sometimes with some rounded details to give softness.

Some models are characterized by a particular and original design, which makes them eye-catching but never excessive. In general, we can say that all modern beds are furniture of great class and elegance, sophisticated and chic.

As for materials, modern beds often have a wooden frame and details in fabric, leather or metal. The colours of modern beds are neutral and delicate, usually light to give brightness and breadth to the room. Having neutral colours ensures the freedom to play with details of other shades: one of the latest trends sees the combination of a beige, taupe or sand base with golden details, precious and particular.

Selection of the best modern beds

And now that we have discovered the general characteristics of modern beds, let’s find out what are the trendiest models of the moment.

Brando bed and its important headboard

The Brando bed is a perfect example of a modern bed for a precious and contemporary room. Its key feature is definitely the important headboard characterized by a combination of materials and colours that stands out immediately: a wooden frame encloses a high headboard in light beige colour.

Those who love details will be conquered by the gold feet which give stability to the structure of the bed and make it a massive and decisive model.

Brando bed

Rays Bed, a timeless style

If you are looking for a bed with a romantic and timeless soul, modern but with some vintage nuances, the Rays model is definitely for you. It is a bed with a large, quilted headboard in two colours, which recalls the nineteenth-century decor and gives a geometric touch to the space. The fact that the headboard is slightly curved almost seems to embrace those who settle on the bed in an embrace.

It is a bed that transmits lightness, despite its flashy design, thanks to the raised, slender feet.

Clizia bed, the centrepiece of the room

Clizia bed is really a model that knows how to get attention: thanks to its wide and long headboard, which extends on the whole wall, it is perfect to furnish a modern bedroom in an original way. The headboard is like an extension of the bed itself and acts as a background to the bedside tables which will be perfectly integrated in the room. The colours are neutral and delicate, with a golden touch that conveys luxury and sophistication.

Clizia bed


These were just a few of the trendiest modern bed designs at the moment. If you want to know our complete collection to find more inspirations, contact us: we are at your disposal to give you advice and answer your doubts.


Office Furniture Ideas: discover our tips and create your unique style!

The office is the first business card that is left for customers, so it is important to receive them in a comfortable, elegant and functional environment. A formal welcome is synonymous with professionalism and seriousness at work and makes an immediate good impression on potential new clients.

Comfort and functionality are key points of office furniture: working in a comfortable and functional way will ensure an excellent level of concentration.

In this article, Guerra Vanni offers you some tips for furnishing your office and creating your own unique style.

The desk

The starting point for the composition of the office is undoubtedly the desk. First of all, it is important to outline the dimensions of the furniture: if the room is not large, it is important to choose a desk that is not too imposing, in order to leave the right space to welcome guests. On the contrary, if you have a very large space, you can opt for a large or angular desk, like the beautiful King desk proposed by Guerra Vanni.

The choice of material, on the other hand, is mainly based on the style of the office owner.

For those who prefer a classic style, it is advisable to choose a solid wood desk in shades of walnut, rosewood and dark oak, embellished with rich brass or gold details. The Timeless desk perfectly embodies the classic taste: the nuance of the wood, adorned with highly worked lines made of brass, immediately defines the owner’s preferred style.


If, on the other hand, you prefer modern furniture, you should opt for a glass or wooden desk in shades of oak, teak or wengé, characterised by clean, geometric lines. The Vogue desk is a perfect example for this: monochrome, with simple lines and embroidered with carved rectangles, it conveys the minimalist atmosphere characteristic of this style.

Office furniture

The chair

Many hours are spent sitting in the office, so it is necessary to choose a comfortable and adjustable chair that provides good support for the back and head.

Also in this case, the style chosen will follow the taste of the owner. First of all, in order to obtain a harmonious and elegant room, it is a good idea to choose a chair that matches the style and shape of the desk. Following the classic line, we recommend an armchair with wheels with a solid wood structure, enriched by decorative elements made of bright metals. The backrest and seat, well-padded to ensure a comfortable sitting, should be upholstered in soft leather in shades of black, brown or dark green, such as the Clark swivel armchair: the olive green of the leather seat, combined with a dark oak frame, evoke the atmosphere of typical offices in historic buildings.

Office furniture

On the other hand, to complete a modern office, we recommend an armchair with essential lines, made of precious leather, and completed by a shiny steel frame. To complete your modern room, Guerra Vanni proposes the Clizia swivel chair: covered in precious white leather, it gives brightness to the environment. Its minimal lines are enriched by precious gold details on the wheels.


Small touches to make your office unique

There are further details that contribute to the uniqueness of your workspace. In a professional office it is recommended to include a library, which metaphorically symbolises the culture of the people working there. Secondly, cabinets can be placed in harmony with the room’s décor to serve as a document archive.

In front of the desk, it is a good idea to place chairs or comfortable armchairs for guests, even better if in the colour of the swivel chair, so that they can sit down and feel comfortable.

The walls can also be decorated with paintings, canvases, photographs, or drawings. This is the most personal part of the room: the masterpieces chosen, in fact, tell a lot about the personality and character of the person who has chosen them, so it is essential to elect carefully.


Furnishing your office in an original way requires care and attention. However, there are some guidelines to follow that can simplify this operation. The selection of furnishing accessories by Guerra Vanni allows you to choose from a wide range of solutions, allowing you to find the one that best suits your personality.

Consult the Guerra Vanni’s catalogue dedicated to classic or modern office furniture and furnish your room in a unique way. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Best Modern Tables: find out how to make every dinner special!

The table is the king of the dining room: large and spacious, it will define the atmosphere of the entire room. In fact, this furnishing accessory contributes firmly to creating a convivial and harmonious environment, perfect for lunches and dinners in company of friends or relatives.

We can say that choosing the right dining table is equivalent to defining the focal element of the dining room, on which the choice of all the other furniture will depend.

What must be remembered when choosing a table?

When defining the dining room furniture, it is important to remember that the table must not only meet defined aesthetic canons, but must also comply with additional requirements, ranging from the type of material to the size.


When choosing a table, remember that it should not only be pleasant to the eye, but also comfortable and functional. First, it is important to think carefully about how many people will have to sit at the table: you must bear in mind the members of the family and a minimum number of possible guests, considering the right space to allow them to eat and move around easily. The height of the legs must be such that diners can comfortably tuck in their legs, while also allowing ladies the possibility of crossing them. If you need a lot of space because you like to receive a lot of guests or are part of a very large family, for example, the Cadillac modern style table could be the right solution: its large size allows you to add a lot of chairs, thus comfortably accommodating all the guests at the meal.

best modern tables


There are two main factors that influence the choice of table shape: firstly, the availability of space in the dining room, and secondly, the number of seats that will be added to the table.

The most common shape is, undoubtedly, the rectangular one: it allows a greater number of seats, occupying a relatively small space. In addition, the space between diners remains larger and more comfortable. On the other hand, you will have to establish a hierarchy among the guests, as it will be necessary to determine who will occupy the “head of the table”. The Sunset table by Guerra Vanni, for example, can accommodate up to ten diners, it will enchant them with its light marble surface, contrasted by dark wenge legs. The golden finishing, finally, illuminates the room, giving it a minimalist yet elegant touch.


If, conversely, you have a spacious and bright room and you are looking for an atmosphere that recreates informality and confidence, you should shift your attention to a round table. Geometric, modern and with clean lines, this shape shortens distances, bringing guests closer and encouraging them to interact with each other. In addition, this seating arrangement eliminates the question of hierarchy. Unfortunately, in relation to the amount of seating available, this table is much bulkier than the rectangular table. In the picture below, you can see how the seats around the Dioniso table are small and close together – the atmosphere immediately recalls pleasant family evenings.


Finally, to obviate the doubts due to clutter, space and hierarchies, you can consider a compromise: the oval table, in fact, allows to comfortably accommodate many diners while occupying a small space. Its design, moreover, is perfectly in line with modern aesthetic canons: as can be seen in the Frida table, the light colours and its soft, defined and minimal lines fits perfectly the contemporary taste.

best modern tables


The materials of which the table is made have a great influence on the style of the dining room. Marble tables are robust, elegant and well suited to a modern and contemporary style, resulting aesthetically very attractive. Wood, on the other hand, is a more delicate material but has a great effect in the centre of the room: selected in light shades such as oak, it illuminates and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room.


Choosing the perfect dining room table requires attention and care. In this way, however, you will be able to create a convivial and welcoming environment, ideal for putting your guests at ease. Guerra Vanni’s wide selection of modern tables allows you to choose from a wide range of options, allowing you to find the one that perfectly suits your taste and needs.

Browse our modern and contemporary collection and furnish your dining room with elegant Guerra Vanni furniture. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Elegant dining room: tips to make your room truly unique.

The dining room is a meeting place that immediately recalls family evenings and lunches with friends; it is a room for conviviality and sharing, where you can spend a few hours in relax and serenity. 

It is important to furnish this room with extreme care to create the familiar and cosy atmosphere that this place reminds. It does not matter if you prefer a classic or a modern style, with a few small touches the dining room will be comfortable and elegant. Of course, the furniture plays a fundamental role in the furnishing of this room: if the accessories chosen are not made of good quality and manufacture, all other measures will be fruitless. Here are all our tips for creating an elegant dining room.

Classic and elegant dining room

Elegance, luxury and value: classic furniture perfectly embodies all these values, enhancing and enriching any room. It is a timeless style made up of sinuous lines, important furniture, and many accessories.

When starting the furnishing of a classic and elegant dining room it is certainly important to choose the right table: it must be large and spacious to comfortably welcome guests and have the necessary space to place all the dishes; an excellent solution, which also allows you to optimise the space, is the choice of special extending tables. To recreate that warm and familiar atmosphere typical of grandma’s house, we recommend the use of vintage-style furniture in solid wood, choosing between shades of walnut, acacia or wenge.

Equally important are the chairs, which needs be in harmony with the table. Baroque-style cushions should not be missing, not only to make seating more comfortable, but also to warm up the atmosphere. The colour choice should be based on the shade of wood chosen, but can range from red, blue, grey or green.

Small pieces of furniture will help to embellish your dining room. All you have to do is choose the objects that best represent you and that are able to transmit a feeling of warmth and well-being, enriching the environment.

In our Classic collection, you will find all the furniture you need to give your classic dining room the value it deserves.

Elegant dining room

Modern and elegant dining room

Even in a modern elegant dining room, the table is the star of the room. It is essential to choose a table large enough to comfortably accommodate all the guests; however, the taste in furniture is very different. The frill of the classic line gives way to geometric and simple shapes, which allow you to play with the colours to produce beautiful chiaroscuro effects. White and its shades are some of the most popular colours in modern spaces and, as you can imagine, they also conquer the dining area with their fresh and lively essence.

In a modern, elegant dining room, you could add not only furniture to provide a place to put dishes and drinks that would otherwise clutter the table, but also pouffes and armchairs where you can relax and enjoy a glass of fine wine between courses.

Our Contemporary Oscar line is perfect for making your dining room look elegant and essential.

Elegant dining room

Small touches to create the perfect atmosphere.

It is a fact that furniture is the most important element in a room, but there are other details that need to be considered to achieve the perfect atmosphere in your dining room. The right lighting is necessary: add style to the room by using designer chandeliers and floor lamps; choose lights that can be dimmed to suit the atmosphere you want to create; and make sure there is as much natural light as possible.

The choice of wall colour is also important. A room with beautiful furniture but surrounded by bare white walls does not look appealing: choosing the right wall colours will affect the whole character of the room. Obviously, in a classic dining room you will opt for warmer colours; conversely, in a modern dining room you will opt for neutral tones or colours who belong to the beige palette.

Finally, it is a good idea to include additional furnishing elements within the framework to give that much sought-after sense of familiarity: photos on the walls with more or less elaborate frames, sofas to be comfortable during an aperitif, or a classic stone or marble fireplace.

These are just some of the tips for furnishing your dining room in the best way possible. Regardless of which style you choose, our interior designers are at your disposal to advise you and help you realise the dining room of your dreams. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Best Modern Chairs: here’s a selection for every taste. Choose yours!


Between the dining room furnishings, two objects stand out among others: table and chairs. Both are the most used furniture complements and those who will determine the style that the entire room will have. Even if the second ones are often underestimated, they are as important as the first: in fact, they are capable of completely overturning the vibrations that a room can transmit on an aesthetic level, adding color where it is lacking or sobriety where it is exaggerated.

It is not essential, indeed lately it can be said that it is a must to choose chairs that do not perfectly match the table. Obviously, this does not mean preferring completely contrasting styles: it’s more about finding points of harmony that can recall a link between the two.

Things to consider when choosing a chair.

There are several details that you should pay attention to before deciding which and how many chairs to buy for the dining room, especially if this room will actually be used daily. It is clear that the number depends first of all on how many people live inside the house, and secondly, on the possibility of adding chairs for the guests. This should be taken into consideration, it would be a good idea to add at least two chairs for them, table size permitting.

Dimensions and proportions

Clearly the dimensions of the chair (height of the back, width of the seat, height of the legs) depend on the table. The important thing is that they can be easily placed under it without overlapping and without any armrests being blocked by the contact with the table.

In any case, it is important that anyone who sits down has a space between the chair and the table that also allows them to cross their legs and, at the same time, to safely rest their arms on the surface. Speaking of numbers, usually it is recommended a space of 30cm between the seat and the underside of the table.

As far as the width of the seat is concerned, both the quantity of chairs that will be inserted and the shape of the table should always be evaluated. For a round-shaped table you can in fact opt for wider and more comfortable chairs, while for more angular shapes the more compact ones will be preferred, so that they can be stored neatly under the table without overlapping.


Focusing now on the aesthetic value of the chair, choosing the right combinations with the table and with the rest of the room decorations is essential to transfer a sense of refined style to those who enter the dining room.

In relation to the table, common details are usually chosen: the color of the finishes or the design of the individual elements, such as the legs. Furthermore, the colors chosen for the chairs can be recalled by different decorations in the room, such as vases, crystal cabinets or frames. Opting for more neutral colors such as beige, white, or light brown or moving to bright colors such as blue, green or pink, will transfer completely different emotions, so this will depend on personal preferences. In any case, it remains important that the chosen color is recalled by more details in the room.

What would be the best material? The chairs are today produced in many materials, such as wood, leather, metal, plastic and so on. It is clear that in the choice of the material it is necessary to take into account both the ease of cleaning (it is important to keep hygienic the place where you eat) and its comfort adding up to the obvious aesthetic value.

A perfect combination of these needs could be the choice of upholstered chairs covered with stain-resistant fabrics or easily removable to be washed.

A selection of modern chairs by Guerra Vanni

Guerra Vanni’s contemporary dining room furniture line offers several chairs that meet many of the criteria explained above. The goal of these chairs is in fact to provide a unique aesthetic touch while at the same time combining comfort, through the meticulousness with which the designers have thought about the size, height and materials used.

Shown in the images above, are three very different models that cater to audiences with different tastes and needs. They are united by a sophisticated design and contemporary style for a dining room that reflects a truly modern style.

The first one, the Moon model, is proposed in dark colors, with a rounded back with a hole in the middle. It recalls wood with the legs, a material that could be chosen for the table. Vases or details of the tableware service could be chosen in combination with this color.

Secondly there is the Sugar model, its name already refers to its flamboyant cotton candy color. Surely, the choice of these chairs would make them the absolute protagonists of the room leading to the choice of recalling the pink color to very small details to avoid making it all too bright.


Last but not least, the white model, from the Clizia collection, moves to more neutral colors, adds the armrests that look more like an extension of the chair and completely abandons the wood, embracing the modern style at 360 degrees.


Choosing the perfect chair for the dining room certainly requires research and attention to achieve an excellent result both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Guerra Vanni, with its range of modern style chairs represents an excellent catalog on which to choose chairs that can satisfy different tastes but that always maintain an elegant and refined key.

Take a look at the entire contemporary dining room category and furnish it completely with Guerra Vanni furniture and contact us for any question!


How to furnish a modern living room

Furnishing a modern living room requires care and attention to detail because everything must be in perfect harmony. The living room is the place where you gather with your family, relax and welcome friends who come to visit. For this reason it must be cozy but also well organized, so as to make the evenings even more pleasant. The modern style in the living room has some very precise characteristics: everything must be linear, minimalist and essential, with clear shapes and sober colors.

Here are some tips for furnishing a modern living room without mistakes.

How to choose furniture and colors for the modern living room

How to choose colors for the modern living room? There is no universal rule but the best thing is to opt for soft and delicate colors for furniture, complements, walls and accessories: this will allow us to get a very bright and airy environment, with a cozy, sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to give a more vivid touch, you can choose a contrasting color for some details but you should always stay within the chosen palette.

When choosing furniture, the first thing to do is to organize the space well and divide it into zones. Massive and imposing furniture should be avoided because it would give the feeling of an oppressive environment: everything modern is light, slim, essential. Furniture for a modern living room should not be too bulky but have simple lines.

The sofa in a modern living room

The sofa will be the real protagonist of the modern living room. There are many models so finding the right one will not be difficult. The first thing to decide concerns the shape: the linear sofa is suitable for smaller rooms and is the most classic and traditional choice, simple and not bulky; the corner sofa instead allows you to create an intimate relaxing area and, if placed in the center of the room, helps to divide the different areas.

The choice of material also requires a lot of attention. Fabric sofas are synonymous with practicality and versatility, they fit well in any environment, they resist stains and water. If, on the other hand, you want a more refined solution, a leather sofa is perfect: remember, however, that it requires a lot of care so avoid it if you have pets that could ruin it. The sofa with feet gives a feeling of lightness that is well suited to a modern living room.

Shelves, bookcases and tv stands

The use of shelves and bookcases is a great way to give personality to the modern living room. As well as a place to store books, they can in fact become a furnishing element if used to keep design objects, family mementos and souvenirs. Moreover, thanks to the most modern solutions, there are bookcases which alternate open elements with doors and drawers, to make the modern living room even more original.

Finally, an element which cannot be missing in the modern living room is the TV stand: the wall dedicated to the TV can be minimal, with a small, simple and space-saving TV stand, or more articulated if it also contains shelves and bookcases.

f you would like to receive further advice on how to furnish your modern living room, contact us: we are at your disposal to give you suggestions and information about our products and the best way to use them in your home.


Modern elegant bedroom: 5 essential elements

If you have decided to furnish a bedroom in a modern style, there are some essential elements you need to use. The shapes should be simple, linear and essential so as to have a final effect that is elegant, fine and sober. The choice of a modern bedroom can be suitable for any space, small or large. In fact, there are many space-saving solutions such as storage beds or ceiling-high closets that allow you to get a lot of space even in small rooms.

Unfortunately, since the colors are neutral and the lines are simple, the risk is that the bedroom will be banal and unoriginal. To avoid this effect, you can focus on some elements that give personality to the room and give it a special accent. Here are 5 things you should not forget when decorating a modern bedroom.

Best modern beds

Obviously, the star of the room is the bed. The first thing to do is to choose a double bed that is no-frills, with a simple shape. If you want to bring something special in your contemporary bedroom, you can opt for a decorative headboard, perhaps quilted, which gives a special touch to the bedroom. Upholstered headboards, in addition to being very beautiful, are also comfortable!

A dressing table and a pouffe

Often people associate the toilet with a classic bedroom: in reality, there are very modern dressing tables and pouffs, which allow you to create a relaxing corner within the room, where you can take care of yourself. Dressing tables have original and slender shapes while poufs have simple shapes and precious details. You can place them near the window to enjoy the natural light while getting ready. Reminiscent of the aristocratic rooms of yesteryear, they will give a refined touch.

Decorative mirror

No bedroom should be without a mirror: it’s essential when getting ready in the morning and when you want to tidy up before going out. In a modern and elegant bedroom, the mirror will have to be very showy and large: you can place it above the dresser or above one of the two bedside tables. There are mirrors of all sizes and shapes: round, oval, rectangular, perhaps with some colored elements to add character to the room.

The right lighting

In all rooms, lighting plays a key role. It can make the environment much more welcoming or, on the contrary, cold and unintimate. In a modern bedroom, lighting should be soft and gentle, never excessive. However, consider that in the bedroom you do many different things: in the morning you choose your outfit for the day, in the evening you read to relax. You can choose versatile solutions, which adapt to every moment of the day. You’ll definitely need two abat-jours (not necessarily the same) and maybe a floor lamp.

The importance of textiles

Finally, there are textiles that can help us make a modern bedroom very elegant. As for the colors, you’ll obviously need to be faithful to the palette you chose for the rest of the room. The patterns can be the most diverse: from floral to geometric ones, passing through abstract decorations, the important thing is that everything is homogeneous. Choose curtains, pillows and blankets following these guidelines and you’ll give a special touch to your modern bedroom.

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Modern Dining Room: some creative ideas to furnish it in a unique way!

How to furnish a dining room in a modern style? What elements can not be missing? What colors are most suitable? Let’s find out in this article!

The dining room is the place where you gather, where you sit quietly and spend pleasant time with family and friends. Therefore, it is a room where you share pleasant moments and that is why it must be beautiful but also cozy, cheerful, comfortable, convenient and functional. If you want to furnish a dining room in a modern style, you will have to pay special attention not only to the choice of furniture but also to their placement, colors and accessories. Everything will have to be in harmony, especially if it is located in an open space, adjacent to the kitchen or living room.

Colors and materials in a modern dining room

As always when furnishing a room, even before choosing the furniture and its location, you have to decide what the colors and materials will be. The beauty of the modern style is that you can range in an infinite variety of finishes and shades. For example, wood, which is often considered a material suitable for classic furniture, can be mixed with glass and marble to achieve an elegant and minimalist effect.

As for colors, starting from a neutral base preferably light (white, grey or beige are all suitable solutions for a modern dining room) you can add touches of color such as light blue, green, orange or yellow. For example, using colored velvet chairs, decorative mirrors, lamps and pictures on the walls are fine ways to liven up the room.

How to choose the furniture

The furniture in a dining room are essentially the table, the chairs and a sideboard where to store objects, dishes and glasses.

The table in a modern dining room can be of any material and shape: glass is very elegant but delicate so choose it only if you are able to take care of it; marble is impressive, refined and timeless; wood is easy to maintain, solid and sophisticated. As for the shape, it essentially depends on the size of the room: choose it round, oval or rectangular, with the possibility to extend it if you often have guests at home. Often modern design tables have articulated and original pedestals, to make them become the protagonists of the room.

As for the chairs, you can choose a complete set or opt for a solution that has been trendy in recent years: combining chairs of different styles and colors is a touch of class that we see more and more often in modern dining rooms. The effect will be lively and particular.

Finally, the sideboard is a fundamental element in the modern dining room. It is not only used to have everything you need at hand while you eat, but can become an integral part of the decor. Obviously, it must be correctly matched to the table, both in style, material and size: a reasonable proportion between the two pieces of furniture is essential. Not to mention that the sideboard is an excellent support surface for designer decorations and knick-knacks.


The Clizia Collection for your modern dining room

In our new Clizia collection you will find everything you need to furnish a modern dining room with high quality furniture, handmade in Italy by choosing only fine materials, which last a long time. We have placed side by side furniture with simple lines and objects of true design, characterized by original shapes and precious materials: in this way you can choose the perfect furniture for your home. Tables of all sizes, oval, round or rectangular, light or more massive style sideboards, chairs of all colors and shapes.

Find out our Clizia Collection here!


Elegant Bedrooms: many ideas to furnish and decorate your room!

An elegant bedroom immediately conveys a sense of coziness and sophistication. Here are all our tips on how to furnish and decorate an elegant bedroom.

Having an elegant bedroom immediately gives a feeling of warmth and sophistication that conquers and makes the room much more welcoming. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a classic or modern style, you can bring elegance to any room by adopting small measures and inserting details that can make your room look more luxurious. Obviously, even the furniture you choose must be elegant and of high quality, otherwise even the most elegant accessory will be useless! Here are all our tips for furnishing your bedroom in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Modern elegant bedroom

In an elegant modern style bedroom, the most important thing to choose is definitely the double bed. It must have clean, sharp lines, extremely simple, no frills. However, you can play with the headboard, choosing a decorative and important one, which stands out: padded and quilted headboards in particular are very elegant.

Equally important are the bedside tables, which must be in harmony with the bed but also have their own personality. The choice must fall on bedside tables that are certainly beautiful but also meet the needs of those who live in the bedroom: there are models with drawers, to store small items without clutter, but also with wheels or suspended, to give an airy and light sense to the entire room.

In our Contemporary Classic collection, you’ll find all the furniture you need to give your modern bedroom the elegance it deserves.

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Classic elegant bedroom

A bedroom furnished in a classic style, is in itself elegant. It is wrong to associate the classic style with old and outdated furniture. The traditional style in fact allows you to create a cozy and comfortable environment: the shapes are sinuous, rich and opulent, the materials are fine and solid, well structured and majestic.

The classic bed is made of solid wood, with a solid and durable structure, massive, but with rounded shapes. The headboard can be made of quilted fabric or even wood, decorated with precious details and elaborate finishes. Often we find golden details that embellish the bed and make it even more elegant. At the foot of the bed, in a classic room you can insert a bench where you can sit or put your clothes before going to sleep: it will be a touch of class that will make the room not only elegant, but even royal!

Finally, if you have enough space you could also add to the furniture a vanity unit with a mirror. This is an object that we find in the aristocratic rooms of the past, which goes very well with wooden furniture and precious finishes, but it is also very useful to contain small items, cosmetics and brushes and have everything at hand.

Our classic furniture collection contains beds, nightstands, chaise lounges, benches and ottomans to furnish a bedroom that is elegant in every detail.

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Accessories to make your bedroom elegant

Obviously, furniture is the most important thing to furnish a stylish bedroom but it is not enough. There is also need to use the accessories, decorations and complements in a smart way.

Here are some tips.

  • Lighting is very important to create the atmosphere and give the feeling of a chic and sophisticated environment. The choice of the chandelier, which must be rich and precious, but also of the bedside lamps, is therefore essential. In addition, a good idea is to adopt solutions that allow you to adjust the lighting and have a warm light.
  • A large mirror, to be placed above the chest of drawers or on a wall where you want to draw attention, is essential in the bedroom. Choose it extra large, with a baroque frame, perhaps gilded, or essential: it depends on the style you have chosen for the bedroom.
  • Textiles must be cared for in every detail in an elegant bedroom. Obviously they must be coordinated with each other: the style and colors should be in harmony and the fine fabrics to create a chic environment. A soft blanket on the bed, pillows of different shapes and sizes, decorated curtains are some ideas that will make the difference and make the room more cozy and refined.

These are just a few tips to make your bedroom elegant and sophisticated. If you would like to receive personalized advice and guidance from our interior designers, contact us!

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Modern Living Room: find inspiration on how to furnish your space!

To furnish a modern living room you need furniture with simple and essential lines, sober colors and minimalism. Here are all our tips.

Furnishing a modern living room is not easy. You need the right amount of originality to avoid a trivial result without personality: since the colors are neutral and sober, the lines are simple and essential, it is easy to get an aseptic and boring effect. In this article we will give you our advice and photographic ideas for furnishing a living room in modern style: from the choice of colors for the furniture and accessories to the perfect arrangement of the pieces, we will discover how to make your living room beautiful and functional.

Colors in a modern living room

The first thing to consider is the choice of colors, which are a fundamental part of the decor. The colors that dominate in the modern style tend to be neutral and sober colors such as white, taupe, grey and in some cases black, if you want to give more personality to the environment. These are just the shades to start from but, to avoid a sad and lifeless effect, it is essential to add a few touches of color.

You can opt for your favorite shades, even the most vibrant and sparkling: red, yellow, blue or green are all suitable colors to be included in a modern living room but without exaggerating. Use them for accessories, textiles and complements and you will get the right balance. If you want to be inspired by the latest trends, Pantone for 2021 proposes the combination of grey and yellow as the color of the year.

The essential furniture

And now we come to the furniture that can not miss in a modern living room.

Of course, in the first place there is the sofa. He will be the protagonist of the room and should be first of all comfortable and cozy. What about the style? You can choose both more slender models, with feet, to give an airy and light effect, but even more compact sofas, which rest completely on the ground and are characterized by maximum comfort. If you have enough space, a corner sofa can be a great solution, as well as modular sofas: the fact that you can choose piece by piece solves many space problems and offers the possibility to create original compositions.

Next to the sofa, it would be perfect to place one or two armchairs, especially if you love to receive guests and if you live your living room as a convivial room. Obviously, the style and colors should be in harmony with those of the sofa.

Your modern living room should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical in everyday life. That’s why another fundamental piece of furniture is the coffee table, which can be placed in front of the sofa or to the side, depending on the space available. You can choose either a low table, with a glass top to be more elegant, or a high one. It will be very useful for placing small objects but also ornaments to give character to the room.

Finally, the TV cabinet. Choose one preferably with doors, so you can store everything inside and leave the surfaces free. TV cabinets with a panel behind are very scenic: choose it if you want to make this furniture the attraction of the modern living room.


The Clizia collection for a modern living room

Guerra Vanni has developed the new Clizia collection to furnish the modern living room. The collection includes all the essential furnishings: sofas, TV furniture, armchairs, low and high tables, but also bookcases and display cases, mirrors and accessories to make the environment more welcoming. Like all our furniture, every detail is taken care of and the handmade workmanship in Italy ensures high quality. Colors, shapes and materials: the choice is vast and complete, to offer everyone their own ideal furniture solution.

If you want to receive our advice on how to furnish a modern living room, contact us!