Best Modern Chairs: here’s a selection for every taste. Choose yours!


Between the dining room furnishings, two objects stand out among others: table and chairs. Both are the most used furniture complements and those who will determine the style that the entire room will have. Even if the second ones are often underestimated, they are as important as the first: in fact, they are capable of completely overturning the vibrations that a room can transmit on an aesthetic level, adding color where it is lacking or sobriety where it is exaggerated.

It is not essential, indeed lately it can be said that it is a must to choose chairs that do not perfectly match the table. Obviously, this does not mean preferring completely contrasting styles: it’s more about finding points of harmony that can recall a link between the two.

Things to consider when choosing a chair.

There are several details that you should pay attention to before deciding which and how many chairs to buy for the dining room, especially if this room will actually be used daily. It is clear that the number depends first of all on how many people live inside the house, and secondly, on the possibility of adding chairs for the guests. This should be taken into consideration, it would be a good idea to add at least two chairs for them, table size permitting.

Dimensions and proportions

Clearly the dimensions of the chair (height of the back, width of the seat, height of the legs) depend on the table. The important thing is that they can be easily placed under it without overlapping and without any armrests being blocked by the contact with the table.

In any case, it is important that anyone who sits down has a space between the chair and the table that also allows them to cross their legs and, at the same time, to safely rest their arms on the surface. Speaking of numbers, usually it is recommended a space of 30cm between the seat and the underside of the table.

As far as the width of the seat is concerned, both the quantity of chairs that will be inserted and the shape of the table should always be evaluated. For a round-shaped table you can in fact opt for wider and more comfortable chairs, while for more angular shapes the more compact ones will be preferred, so that they can be stored neatly under the table without overlapping.


Focusing now on the aesthetic value of the chair, choosing the right combinations with the table and with the rest of the room decorations is essential to transfer a sense of refined style to those who enter the dining room.

In relation to the table, common details are usually chosen: the color of the finishes or the design of the individual elements, such as the legs. Furthermore, the colors chosen for the chairs can be recalled by different decorations in the room, such as vases, crystal cabinets or frames. Opting for more neutral colors such as beige, white, or light brown or moving to bright colors such as blue, green or pink, will transfer completely different emotions, so this will depend on personal preferences. In any case, it remains important that the chosen color is recalled by more details in the room.

What would be the best material? The chairs are today produced in many materials, such as wood, leather, metal, plastic and so on. It is clear that in the choice of the material it is necessary to take into account both the ease of cleaning (it is important to keep hygienic the place where you eat) and its comfort adding up to the obvious aesthetic value.

A perfect combination of these needs could be the choice of upholstered chairs covered with stain-resistant fabrics or easily removable to be washed.

A selection of modern chairs by Guerra Vanni

Guerra Vanni’s contemporary dining room furniture line offers several chairs that meet many of the criteria explained above. The goal of these chairs is in fact to provide a unique aesthetic touch while at the same time combining comfort, through the meticulousness with which the designers have thought about the size, height and materials used.

Shown in the images above, are three very different models that cater to audiences with different tastes and needs. They are united by a sophisticated design and contemporary style for a dining room that reflects a truly modern style.

The first one, the Moon model, is proposed in dark colors, with a rounded back with a hole in the middle. It recalls wood with the legs, a material that could be chosen for the table. Vases or details of the tableware service could be chosen in combination with this color.

Secondly there is the Sugar model, its name already refers to its flamboyant cotton candy color. Surely, the choice of these chairs would make them the absolute protagonists of the room leading to the choice of recalling the pink color to very small details to avoid making it all too bright.


Last but not least, the white model, from the Clizia collection, moves to more neutral colors, adds the armrests that look more like an extension of the chair and completely abandons the wood, embracing the modern style at 360 degrees.


Choosing the perfect chair for the dining room certainly requires research and attention to achieve an excellent result both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Guerra Vanni, with its range of modern style chairs represents an excellent catalog on which to choose chairs that can satisfy different tastes but that always maintain an elegant and refined key.

Take a look at the entire contemporary dining room category and furnish it completely with Guerra Vanni furniture and contact us for any question!