Best Modern Bedrooms: improve the design of your room with our ideas!

The bedroom is not only a room to rest in, but also a cosy place to relax, read a book or take a break from your hectic everyday life.

For this reason, before furnishing a bedroom, it is necessary to have in mind the atmosphere that you want to create: this is not only achieved through the furniture elements, but there must be a precise harmony between the furniture, the lighting and the colour of the walls.

The current trend is towards the modern style. Clean forms and simplicity are the queens of the room and give it an elegant, uncluttered, and clean final effect.

In this article, Guerra Vanni offers you his best advice for furnishing a bedroom in modern style.

The bed: the king of the room

Undoubtedly, the king of this room is the bed. Equally undoubtedly, if you want to achieve a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, the choice must be a large double bed.

The lines will have no frills or decoration but will be essential and clean. A very stylish detail is a headboard made up of maxi dimensions and original shapes: the classic rectangular headboards have been replaced by curved, asymmetrical headboards or with shapes so spectacular that they look like works of art. One example is the Oscar bed, characterised by a sumptuous and wide quilted headboard, made of soft fabrics in light shades: a real jewel for a bedroom with neutral tones.

Accessories: practicality and style

Nowadays, the bedroom is one of the most lived-in rooms in the entire house. For this reason, its furnishings, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, must also be functional. The use of poufs and benches, perhaps covered in soft velvety fabrics and finished with light greaseproof, provides practical spaces in which to store small objects and trinkets, while enriching the overall atmosphere of the room.

It is also a good idea to have a large wardrobe in which to store clothes and linen. It is also useful to choose a dresser with drawers and two matching bedside tables. The choice of colours and materials will depend on the colour of the headboard, with which they should be in perfect harmony.

Inserting a mirror in the bedroom will also make the room brighter, airier, and more spacious, as well as being a great help when getting ready to leave the house. If you choose a mirror characterised by a precious design such as the Eclipse mirror, it is ideal to place it on an empty wall: it will become a wonderful decorative element.


The choice of wall colours and fabrics is fundamental to give a comfortable atmosphere to the bedroom. Beige, versatile, warm and yet bold, is one of the most popular colours for bedrooms. It is a very light colour, which instils calmness and sleep. The choice of this colour requires the presence of prominent furnishing elements such as flashy chandeliers or furniture with a glossy finish.

Eucalyptus Clizia bedroom

A colour known for its relaxing power is certainly ice blue. This tone, which is much lighter than classic blue, does not tire and rests tired eyes. To balance its strong notes, it is good to choose light wood furniture.

Grey, who is synonymous with elegance and refinement, should not be missing from this list. To underline the modern style of the bedroom it is important to create colour contrasts by choosing very dark furniture, for example anthracite, or very light.

Small touches to make the atmosphere perfect

These are just a few tips for furnishing your modern bedroom in the best possible way. Whatever furniture you choose, our designers are here to help you create the modern bedroom of your dreams. Do not hesitate to contact us.